Sunday, August 29, 2010

Name Banner for my Baby Girl :)

Ive been wanting to make something like this since we moved into the new house in the end of June. I had lots of trouble finding the chipboard pieces I wanted for it so lastnight I decided to just make my own. I'm relatively happy, I saved myself at least $10 in doing it myself and Grace looked pretty happy when I hung it on her wall! I also incorporated the ScrapFIT workout #26 and added lots of bling and stickles on there!

Monday, May 24, 2010

A Mommy "oops"

I will admit that my photo taking skills on doubles really suck - this is honest to god straight IRL. Combined the lovely sketch at Sketchy Thursdays and Mission to Create - Mission 17.
The challenge at Mission to Create was to use : the color Brown, Distressing, Decorative Edge Paper (hand cut scallops? hope these "count"), a vintage item. I don't own any beads so could only do 4/5.
Anyway - this is what happens when you don't have child safety locks on your cupboards - exploration heh

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I signed on the dotted line!

After putting an offer in last week, discovering foundation issues and having things fall through on that house we decided to go into a higher price bracket and found ourselves a gorgeous 2400 square foot 5 bedroom house with double garage and a fully fenced yard (double lot!). We've got a conditional offer so just need to get our financing sorted out officially and get the inspection. Im nervous that it won't work out even though I know that it should as my dad said he would co-sign for us. Our life is going to change so much that whenever I think about it I have tears come to my eyes, it's going to be so great for the kids and us!

Scrapping however may be taking a fair bit of a back seat for a while between us moving, me working, school and us having to finish the house we are in and get it on the market and/or rented out. Yikes!!

Just thought I would share.. And I keep thinking of all of the new and wonderful photo ops I will have in having such an awesome yard for my kids!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Holy smokes the scrap muse strikes again!

Every time I "see" an opportunity to scrap I keep trying to plan it out to maximize my time seeing as it's so hard to find these days between work, school and now the house hunting we've added to the mix. I don't know what happened this evening but Sketchy Thursdays sure helped me kill my evening of free time! I even managed to watch Grey's AND Private Practice while doing all the fussy cutting on this page! Ahhh I love it though :)

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sketchy Thursdays 4.29

I was thrilled to win this kit from Life Preservers (thanks ScrapFit!) It figures that it was the only kit from March that I hadn't ordered from LPS and it's the first one I dug into after receiving them. Im being rushed by the hubs but this is based on the 4.29 sketch at Sketchy Thursdays. Hope everyone had a lovely NSD yesterday!!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

It's been a while.

Ive been so busy between work and school (wrote finals last week). My boss decided on trying me working part time which is awesome for me as I don't really *need* to be working full time. This way I get the joys of working ($$) and still get to be home with the kids and have time to do the extra stuff that I want to do without giving up on my sleep.

I posted a VERY similar mini a few weeks ago which I gave to my mom as a birthday/Mother's day gift. I was waiting on the same album to come in (basic grey eclectic) so that I could do one for my mother in law. I did basically the same layout as I loved how the pictures worked out on this one. So here is her mini :)

Im so in love with the little crochet flowers and lace trim I got from the creative scrapper's blog hop and they went perfectly with the papers. Im hoping she likes this and was thinking last night that maybe I can inherit both of the albums back some day for my kids, how perfect would that be??
Hoping to get some scrapping in over the next few days as I don't work until Wednesday but school work is looming too so we shall see! Ive got FOUR kits to dig into from Life Preservers as well.. something tells me school work may get pushed aside a bit lol

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Ooey Gooey

This was my daughter the other day investigating in my bins of scrapbooking stuff. Needless to say she was pretty excited about all of it until I took it and put it away.. Future scrapper? Maybe :)

I really wanted to use up some of my lime rickey stash so I pulled it all out... and barely used any.. lol Figures right? Anyway this is based on the weekly sketch at Sketchy Thursdays and I threw in the challenge from Scrap your Crap.
Im still alive here somewhere.. just busy with the kids and school. Ill probably get some scrapping done with my new LPS kits when they come in which should be ANY day now!