Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I signed on the dotted line!

After putting an offer in last week, discovering foundation issues and having things fall through on that house we decided to go into a higher price bracket and found ourselves a gorgeous 2400 square foot 5 bedroom house with double garage and a fully fenced yard (double lot!). We've got a conditional offer so just need to get our financing sorted out officially and get the inspection. Im nervous that it won't work out even though I know that it should as my dad said he would co-sign for us. Our life is going to change so much that whenever I think about it I have tears come to my eyes, it's going to be so great for the kids and us!

Scrapping however may be taking a fair bit of a back seat for a while between us moving, me working, school and us having to finish the house we are in and get it on the market and/or rented out. Yikes!!

Just thought I would share.. And I keep thinking of all of the new and wonderful photo ops I will have in having such an awesome yard for my kids!

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  1. Congrats on the new house Erica!! Sounds wonderful!! I am at the other end of life, really excited to give up the yard and have a smaller space to maintain! Funny how life goes in phases. Thanks for your kind words about my DT spot. I am still in shock! :)