Saturday, May 16, 2009

My cat is insane.

Of all the thoughts I have to possibly blog about, this one just can't escape me. I suppose it doesn't help that my cat (Katie) is currently trying to break into my son's room as he sleeps. Last night I woke to my daughter at 5:30 to be fed (wow an 8+ hr night, not bad!), shortly after that my son came to my bed complaining of nightmares. The nightmare thing is nothing new and I would have been fine with him sleeping in our bed but when he came in the room so did the cat and I couldn't catch her to try to kick her out.

I grabbed Cameron and we went to sleep in his bed because there was NO way he would get back to sleep with the cat trying to play with him and pouncing off the dresser right onto his head (did I mention she was insane?) So I get him in bed and all is well, he is drifting off to sleep and Katie starts trying to break into his room! All we can hear is the handle being jiggled and scratching at the door.. I'm starting to wonder if this is where part of the nightmare issue comes from.

So not only does she try her darnedest to get the door open, sometimes she succeeds. I was in the bathroom lastnight and she was literally dive bombing the door handle from the tall shelf next to the bathroom door. Thankfully I locked the door, my god it's bad enough that I have kids to open the doors on me but now I have to worry about the cat too??

I've only owned two cats in my life, one was antisocial and only wanted to be near us when we were in bed (which was fine, she just cuddled at the foot of the bed) but Katie, wow. Hopefully she grows out of some of this insanity.

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